Kindness Poem

An edited poem about kindness using classmates audio recordings.


Product Labels

The final part to this assignment was to design two product labels. One had to be a soda bottle and the other could be any type of food label we wanted. I chose to model my “power water” off of a Vitamin Water bottle because I had one sitting next to me. I then found a template for Diet Coke and modeled that label after that. These took the longest because there was a lot of reshaping and manipulating. Morris_Productlabel2Morris_Productlabel1

Magazine Covers

The second assignment was to design two magazine covers. One had to be a photo we have taken and the other could be from the internet. I had a picture of Dowling from our last assignment and decided to use her as the subject of a student magazine. I used a layer mask to cut her out and enlarge her so she looks bigger than the background. The fashion magazine was pretty easy too. I used a layer mask to cut out the model and paste her on a white background.

Objects and a Place

These are some shots of objects that I use everyday and the Koury Business Center here at Elon. The building truly is beautiful and was fun to photograph.